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Wrapped Around Her Finger

Personalized rings are an all time favorite. 

Whether it is a name, inspirational word or the number of miles between you, she will love it!

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Inspired by Love

Each piece of personalized jewelry that we create is a work of art —hand forged, hammered & hand stamped one letter at a time.

From the serenity of my home studio, I create jewelry that is inspired by own love and life and the love and lives of the wonderful people that I encounter. I handcraft my jewelry one piece at a time and each is uniquely personal with slight variations.

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Here With Me Angel Wing Necklace

Why We Love Angel Wings

February 11, 2019

Angel wings are so special to us because of the personal meaning we attach to them. They symbolize, of course, angels and angels symbolize protection, affection, peace and harmony....

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