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Customer Care

Return Policy

If we have made an error in stamping your personalized jewelry, we'll make it right for you. Once you have returned your item, a new one will be made and shipped. Contact us through our contact form. Each and every letter is hand stamped one at a time. This means that there will be variations in the spacing and alignment giving your piece unique one-of-a-kind charm. At this time, we don't cover the cost of return shipping.


Exchange Policy

Incorrect Length or Size:
If your necklace is too short or long, send it back to us and we will give you a more suitable length chain. Contact us first so we can set the exchange up for you. 

Wrong Size Bangle:
To avoid wrong bracelet sizes, be sure to measure properly. Bangles cannot be returned for resizing or refund. Every bangle is made specifically to order. 

Measure Bangle Bracelet Size:
There is a diagram on each bracelet item explaining how to size a bangle. Position your hand as if you are putting a bangle, with your thumb extended across your palm and reaching towards your pinky finger. Carefully wrap a soft measuring tape around your hand at its widest part - at the knuckles and thumb. The number where the measuring tape overlaps is your hand size.  


Contacting Us

Christina Guenther Jewelry
46 Pocono Drive
Warwick, RI 02888




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I personalize my jewelry?
Add the item(s) to your cart. When you checkout, you can leave a note in the comments box with your details for each piece of jewelry. We carefully read all notes and will contact you if anything is unclear or left out.  

When will my order ship?
Typically, it takes around 10-14 days to make the jewelry.


What is gold fill?
Gold fill jewelry is a higher quality than gold plated. It is durable and last for years and years and years. :-)  Be sure to take off your gold fill jewelry when going into chlorinated water like a swimming pool or whirlpool sauna.

Do you stamp on both sides?
The metal we use is thick, but stamping on both sides causes metal bruising, marring, scratches and dents. So we do not stamp on both sides unless indicated in the listing.

Can I order a larger quantity of a design for a bridal party or event?
Yes you can! Send us a message and we will be happy to set up a special listing to meet your needs.

Do you sell wholesale?
Sorry, we do not sell wholesale. Our jewelry is very personal and intimate for the individual purchasing it. We enjoy making unique one-of-a-kind messages for our customers.

Inspired by Love

Each piece of personalized jewelry that we create is a work of art —hand forged, hammered & hand stamped one letter at a time.

From the serenity of my home studio, I create jewelry that is inspired by own love and life and the love and lives of the wonderful people that I encounter. I handcraft my jewelry one piece at a time and each is uniquely personal with slight variations.

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