Handmade Personalized Jewelry - Inspired by Love

Through Thick and Thin {personalize}

I am with you through thick and thin, hand forged sterling silver and brass bangle set.

The perfect gift for your fiance, wife, girlfriend, bride or yourself. Each bangle is handmade, hand stamped with Sterling Silver and jewelers brass. The thick and thin bangles are held together with a sterling silver link with a turquoise dangle and howlite dangle. She will love this beautiful, sentimental bracelet. 

CUSTOMIZE Your custom piece of jewelry will be made just for you, exactly as you type it into the customize your jewelry field. Each bangle can have a personal message, names, dates, or latitude longitude up to 20 characters.

SIZES (circumference)
Small 19cm or 7 1/2"
Medium 20cm or 7 7/8"
Large 21cm or 8 1/4"

DETAILS . { sterling silver and brass }